Mastering the Art of Observation

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Mastering the Art of Observation

A Must-Have Skill for EP Professionals


As executive protection agents, we need more than just physical strength and stamina to do our job effectively. We’ve got to have sharp observation skills that will help us detect potential danger and protect our clients. And we need to be switched on at all times! This skill set requires us to be observant of both external stimuli and internal cognitive processes so that we can act promptly to sense any risk.

Excellent observation also increases problem-solving, critical thinking, interpersonal intelligence, and the ability to identify cultural and customary standards.

On top of all that, we’ve also got to stay mindful of their body language, behavior, and the consequences of their actions. Mastery of these skills will ensure our clients remain safe and secure.

In the new issue of the Circuit Magazine, we’ve got some great pieces on this critical subject – so let’s dive in!



Circuit Magazine - Issue 64: Observational Skills


Issue 64 – Improving Observational Skills



Harry book – Senior Taliban leader hits out at prince’s claims of over ’25 kills’



The Duke of Sussex revealed in his new memoir that he killed more than 20 Taliban fighters. Some former members of the UK armed forces have taken exception to his head count.


Russia blames Ukraine’s New Year’s Day missile attack on troops’ mobile phone use



Moscow claims that an attack, which resulted in the death of 89 Russian soldiers, was enabled by the soldiers’ use of mobile phones.


North Korea fires 3 ballistic missiles towards Sea of Japan



North Korea has fired three short-range ballistic missiles towards the Sea of Japan.


Biden says U.S. not discussing nuclear exercises with South Korea



South Korea and the United States are discussing possible joint planning and exercises using U.S. nuclear assets in the face of North Korea’s growing nuclear and missile threats


Pak Army is using TTP threat to get US aid – The Sunday Guardian Live



Islamabad has been able to successfully persuade policymakers in Washington that it needs funds and weapons to tackle Tehreek-E-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).



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Head on a swivel
Head on a Swivel – More Than An Industry Catchphrase



The phrase “head on a swivel” is often used in the industry to describe the act of constantly scanning one’s surroundings for suspicious activity. However, the true foundation of this phrase is situational awareness, which involves the perception, comprehension, and projection of environmental elements and events.

  • Perception involves the basic recognition of situational elements
  • Comprehension involves the interpretation and evaluation of information
  • Projection involves the ability to predict future actions

Mark Roche explains that by mastering these three areas of situational awareness, individuals can turn catchphrases into valuable skills that can be applied in real-world situations. Developing strong situational awareness can help protectors respond to changing situations and make informed decisions.

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Issue 64 - Circuit Magazine


  • The importance of keen observational skills when it comes to protecting someone.
  • James Bore warns about threats in virtual worlds and the steps we can take to tackle them.
  • Mark James guides us on corporate culture.
  • Tactical Medicine needs to evolve in response to a rise in blast-related traumas.
  • Four reasons why clients prefer Female executive protection agents
Get informed on all these topics and more by reading the newest edition.


Issue Highlights


Fighting In & Around Vehicles – Lessons Learned
This case study covers the harrowing events that took place in March 1988 when two British corporals were ambushed by a mob while in their vehicles and beaten and brutally killed by the IRA in Northern Ireland.



Behavior and Reputation – Keys To Unlocking A Successful Career
In order to succeed in the field of close protection, personal behavior and reputation are important factors. One must be humble and willing to learn, as well as avoid ego and jealousy.



Keeping Your Edge – The Illusion

Don’t let the “illusion” of VIP status go to your head in the close protection industry. Maintain humility and focus to avoid being sucked into the “halo effect” of proximity to power.




“Thanks to all the contributors of the Circuit. Just picked up a few back issues and the current edition. It’s a well thought out mag with some helpful articles.”

 – Shawn Cooper



(FADEL SENNA/AFP via Getty Images)
Most Geopolitically Significant Events of 2022



Choosing the top five most geopolitically significant events of 2022 is no easy feat. That is why, in compiling the below list, we focused on the events over the past year that had the furthest-reaching impacts (both geographically and temporally) and/or represented key shifts in greater global patterns.

5) The Artemis I Mission (Nov. 16-Dec 11, 2022)

NASA successfully launched the Artemis I rocket on Nov. 16, sending an uncrewed Orion space capsule to the moon that returned to Earth on Dec. 11. The mission was the first major launch, which aims to send astronauts back to the moon by 2025. The Artemis program represents a revival of the global space race, as well as the United States’ attempt to shape the future norms and governance of lunar and extra-terrestrial exploration and exploitation.

4) Russia and Ukraine Sign Turkish-Brokered Grain Deal (July 22, 2022)

Turkey’s brokering of the grain export deal between Russia and Ukraine over the summer eased a major constraint on global food security instigated by the war in Ukraine. But it also highlighted Turkey’s expanding role as an activist middle power.

3) Eurozone Inflation Reaches 10.7% (October 2022)

European inflation rates continued to climb in 2022, driven by post-COVID-19 supply chain disruptions amid uneven economic openings, and exacerbated by additional disruptions following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and constraints on Russian energy imports.

2) Chinese Military Exercises Around Taiwan (Aug. 4-9, 2022)

In response to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, China held two consecutive sets of military exercises around the island. The exercises marked a significant escalation from Beijing’s typical responses to what it portrays as political provocations by Taipei and Washington, and in doing so set a new baseline for future coercive responses.

1) Russia Announces ‘Special Military Operation’ and Invades Western Ukraine (Feb. 24, 2022)

The Russian invasion of Ukraine was the most geopolitically significant event of the year, raising the specter of nuclear war, driving NATO expansion, testing the continuity of global norms and European unity, and impacting energy prices and food security well beyond 2022. Russia’s poor performance revealed an underlying weakness that leaves the country vulnerable to its neighbors, particularly Turkey and China.

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How do you deal with hate?



Circuit Editor Elijah Shaw, being interviewed for the Sentinel Mindset podcast, was asked how he’s dealt with hate and negativity during his time in the industry. We’re throwing the same question back out into the community.


How do you deal with hate?



“Counter the negative energy with my own overwhelming positivity. I strongly believe in offering people the opportunity to see a different way of doing things. That being said, if a hater goes to the next level and escalates into violence, then that’s a different approach 😂 until then, it’s 100% positive vibes.” 
– B Alozie



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Executive Security & CP Tech Forum
Eighth Annual Executive Security and CP Technology Forum London – 26 Jan 2023



In association with the BBA, CTGI presents the Eighth Annual Executive Security and CP Technology Forum in London. One of the few ‘must-attend’ events on the protector’s calendar.




Vehicle Evacuation Methods



In training and development of procedures, we see plenty of people training and doing extractions from vehicles, cross-decking and evacuations of principals from a downed vehicle to an escape vehicle. This usually happens through the door with able-bodied principals.

Have you tried, tested, or developed methods to extract unconscious people? Dragging the unconscious from the front to the back to exit there? Why? Because if your armored vehicle is disabled, the driver, CPO or passengers in that car might just as well be “disabled”.

Don’t just train for the best possible scenario, train the basics under the worst possible conditions because: “You can’t always change how it started, but you can change from here on, to alter the outcome! 




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